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Teach you How to Spot Fake Nike Air Max 90

Teach you How to Spot Fake Nike Air Max 90


You must feel very disappointed if you get a pair of fake nike air max 90. So we will tell you some tips to verify the authenticity of your purchase, please follow the next steps.


Step 1: Shoe Box

Colour and style of nike air max 90 ukbox varies according to style and year. Look at the box carefully for any errors in brand logos, alignment, spelling and overall finish quality. Remember real shoe boxes can accompany fake shoes.


Step 2:  you can see that the actual tongue is really  flimsy, it kind of bends itself without even being touched because the cheap materials used are not up to Nike standard. The printing of the flag is equally as bad, it remains flat and high on the legit pair, but as you can see on the fakes the material shows through and its printed far too low.


Step 3:The bubbles on these are literally frosted. This is probably the worst example i’ve seen for a long while, and I buy a lot of shoes. With legit ones you can pretty much see through them, I put the infrareds on the other side and you can make them out. On the fakes the glue smothering them makes it impossible to see inside, let alone through.


Step 4: Nike Swoosh

The trademarked Nike swoosh is both carefully and immaculately stitched onto most pairs of nike air max 87shoes. When inspecting the photo, ensure it is not glued on or stitched to a poor standard.


Step 5: Arch Support

Nike Air Max 90's will have the Arch support technology. Make sure the photo provided shows the Arch support air cushion and that the air "bubble" is clear and of high quality.

Now, do you know how to verify the authenticity of Nike Air Max 90? Good luck!

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