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The Most Easiest Way to Fix a Fishing Net

The Most Easiest Way to Fix a Fishing Net


Fishing nets is the most important tool for a fisherman to make a living, but the thin nature of the net lends itself to tears and holes. Fishing nets are made of small boxes created from thin cords and to repair a rip it is important to create a symmetrical box to maintain the structural integrity of the net. China fishing net manufactureroffer produce all types of fishing nets with high quality.

1.Net Making Twine

The twine used in fishing net making should be bonded nylon. Netcraft's bonded nylon has a special treatment to firm up the knots which otherwise might slip. Nylon is very strong and has a high yield of feet per pound because of its smaller diameter for any given line strength. As for resistance to the elements and holding up under hard use, nylon is seldom surpassed among our modern fibers.

2. Thread a netting needle with about 12 inches of netting thread. Both a netting needle and netting thread can be found at most craft stores, and can sometimes be found at outdoor supply stores. Knot the end of the thread.


3. Recreate any whole boxes that have been torn away, which will occur if the hole is so large that entire boxes have been torn off. Use existing threads to tie your netting thread to at the top center of the hole, drawing the netting thread down vertically to the bottom of the hole. Repeat to the left and right of that center thread as needed, until you have new vertical threads replacing the torn away threads.


4. A net gauge is the other essential tool used in the making and repair of cast nets. Net gauges are used to give the net mesh its uniform size. Gauge size is selected by the size of net mesh you want to make. Net gauges are typically made of plastic. Gauges can be purchased or made to custom sizes from readily available material such as wood.

Now, you must have known how to repair huailin fishing neteasily, so why not have a try?

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