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Useful Tips to Choose Best Makeup Brushes

Useful Tips to Choose Best Makeup Brushes


A perfect makeup can not only make you look more beautiful, but also improve your confidence. It is necessary for you to best makeup brush set to create the look that you desire. So here offer you some useful tips to choose makeup brushes.


Foundation Brushes and Sponges: While some makeup artists prefer sponges to apply and blend foundation, most use fairly large flat brushes with synthetic fibers like taklon. These work best because they don’t absorb too much of the makeup when blending the liquid into the skin.

Concealer Brushes: For under eye circles and slight blemishes, get a firm, tapered brush made of synthetic fibers. The man-made bristles will prevent too much of the makeup from being removed by the brush when blending, and the tapered shape will feather the liquid around the spot so that it doesn’t clump up

Powder Brushes: The finishing touch for many makeup artists is a final dusting with a large, full powder brush made of natural hairs. You can also use a brush with a combination of natural and syntheticmakeup brush set, but check for a firm, even feel that doesn’t irritate the sensitive skin, especially the areas around the eyes and under the nose.

Blush Brushes: To avoid war paint streaks, pick a large, full blush brush with natural hairs. A tapered brush will work best because it deposits the most makeup in the center of the cheek where most flush would occur naturally.

Eyeshadow Brushes: The best eyeshadow brushes are rather small ones with natural fibers and a slightly tapered shape, enabling them to work in the inner corners and creases of the eye. Rub a potential brush against the inside of your wrist, where the skin is similar to your eyelids to check for softness and evenness.

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