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I decided not to lodge a complaint

I decided not to lodge a complaint

If the person who says that knew enough about the subject it would be found that it was a good way to spend dollars, but since the object is research, which almost by definition has an unknown end result whole notion of letting our national and local policies be driven by those whose expertise is in Advanced Rant and Rave makes my blood boil. There used to be a saying that who can do teach which was sort of funny. These problems will lead to economic loss on China part. If it's true that everyone is saved regardless of what they believe, then truth no longer exists. If we say truth is whatever I say it is for me and whatever you say it is for you, that's the same as if it never existed. Truth must be fixed, it must be solid, otherwise it is not truth. 
That said, our local little paper had a good sports series goin mid summer on the kids baseball teams and how they were doing. It quite a pick me up to open the sports section see kids having fun, not spoiled overpaid unionized adults on strike or in some scandal. And we locals try to let the folks at the paper know that. "When the untrained eye looks at this, they're going to wonder how Lakewood Church purchased the Compaq Center for $7.5 million, when this is not really an arms length sale from the city to Lakewood Church," Aaron said. "Lakewood Church put a phenomenal amount of money into the facility after the lease was initially structured, and it's really not fair that someone else would get the benefit of that.  Converting it back to a stadium oriented facility would probably cost as much or more than it took to turn it into a church, and right now there are probably not very many organizations that would be willing to step forward and do that.". 
The techie also confirmed that police did give him any advice on not lodging any complaint. "The Banjara Hills police told me they will proceed as per my complaint and did not force me into not lodging a case. After talking to my family members, I decided not to lodge a complaint and gave it in writing to the police," Phanish said.. From Jay Hancock's Blog: Good Jobs First, which has been tracking and inveighing against dumb corporate welfare since the 1990s, has a new report on how well states disclose the details of economic development subsidies. If states are going to create a double standard taxation system   one for the suckers who pay sticker price, another for the companies that can wheedle tax discounts and subsidies out of the pols   the least states can do is disclose what they're doing. Factory: a ceremonial groundbreaking, anodyne political speeches   and millions of dollars in free money from taxpayers.
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