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It grates on my nerves

It grates on my nerves

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I've got one of each, but they're twins ;) They play together just fine. My DD got a pretty pink talking teaset for Christmas. She loves carefully opening the tea pot's lid and hearing the sounds. And I would say most of the time, we get outbid, it's not because that we're not willing to pay what the next guy is, he sees more reserves than we see. We are pretty conservative. If you took all the acquisitions and roll them together and what we do in our shop is we do a forecast day one.. I find this disturbing. I grew up always being larger than my mother and sister. We were always in competition to be the smallest. 
If you skip breakfast, you're depriving your body of nutrients you need to function at peak capacity throughout the day. Eating breakfast will "jump start" your metabolism and may prevent you from the temptation of overeating later in the day. Quick, easy breakfast foods include yogurt, whole wheat toast with some peanut butter, eggs and breakfast cereal. The VIP duty deployment rose from 2,213 in 2007 to 6,171 in 2008 and from 8,087 in 2009 to 9,735 in 2010. It may be that on a given day, a tiny fraction of the police force is on VIP duty, but the effect on the morale of the personnel is adverse. "When we return to our regular law enforcement duty, we lose track of the cases we were following," said a police officer. 
"If any of these symptoms are new to you, you should go get it checked out," advised Dr. Nieca Goldberg, director of the New York University Langone Medical Center's Women's Heart Program in New York City. She said that many people, especially women, wait to get medical help, because they don't want to look silly or waste doctors' time.. Under threat of legal action, a correction to the All Ordinaries report No. 12 must be made. Apparently, Smithy was not resting. "I asked a woman constable to accompany the victim to the police station to assist her in lodging the complaint," the ACP said.After reaching the police station, the victim apparently gave a suicide note to a sub inspector (SI) there. As she appeared drowsy and began falling off the chair, police shifted her to the Osmania General Hosptial. "At the hospital, the victim told doctors that she consumed sleeping pills. 
It grates on my nerves, for sure, especially when used in an XX only setting. For me, it is because "ladies" used to address a group of women feels like patronizing language from male dominated settings. When women use it to greet each other, it seems even worse somehow. Enter the Peter Principle at least 4 times in the recent past, IBA's earnings were negatively affected by 2 flu infestations, the price of corn skyrocketed higher then expected. And one time a foolish foray into the forex marketEach time earnings were negatively affected. But, if you remove the one time negative effects I believe the wobbly earnings, would straighten out and be more positive then those presented.
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