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The best Store to buy R4 3DS CARD to play Pokemon games?

The best Store to buy R4 3DS CARD to play Pokemon games?

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Among Many  DS games  on Nintendo Appeared market, Pokemon series is very popular and Widely Welcomed by-game fans. want to ask Here you one question: Do you choose to buy game cards to enjoy different games or choose to buy a single  new 3ds card  to play all downloaded free Pokemon? If the answer is first one, i have to say maybe you want to Be a collector of game cards. On the other side, the second choice Makes You save a lot of money. Because you just pay one card for all free games and that 'the point.
Then, r4 3ds card All All which will you choose for the Pokemon games?  R4i gold, R4i SDHC 3DS,  Supercard DSTWO  gold --other r4isdhc series? Below is my recommendation for playing Pokemon Black 2 and White 2 on 3DS.

R4i Gold 3DS

R4i gold 3ds  flashcart is Developed from a team "", it is the Most Famous slot_1 card for NDS games, famous uses wood firmware updating with Quicker, can holder Almost all latest nds games, Such As pokemon pokemon black 2 white 2 and so on. What's more, it can mount SNES games, use moonshell to enjoy music, video, ebook files. Cheaper than Supercard DSTWO.

R4i gold supports

  • Almost all the DS games.
  • Support SDHC (Micro SD 4G, 8G, 16G, 32G).
  • Automatic DLDI patching
  • Cheats / AR Support
  • Automatically detect save type
  • Multiple save slots per game
  • Clean ROM, drag and drop. Works On Any OS
  • WiFi game, Muti-player gaming locally, DS Rumble Pak, DS Browser
  • DIY Skin
  • Moonshell and homebrew 2.1 --other
  • Quick and easy shortcuts list
  • Regular updates
Summary : In Fact, Many R4 3DS card -  can mount Pokemon Black 2 and White 2 on 3ds / 3ds xl v9.0.0-20 . thesis By Using all cards, we can download different pokemon games pokemon Such As Black 2 and White 2, Pokemon Black and White, Pokemon Platinum and son on.  In this post, I recommend r4i gold, cuz its a famous r4 card with more competitive price. Aim for the real game fans, DSTWO is better Even with more Higher price and you can buy one with reasonable price from! 
 The last, if you want to play 3D version of pokemon game, you shoulds chooe 3ds card: gateway 3ds , r4i gold 3ds card deluxe mt-, orange and 3dslink 3ds card! These cards can mount real running 3ds games on 3ds 3ds xl and ! consoles Aim all of em-have a limitation: They can only work with 3ds 4.1-4.5 system! Please choose if you want to experience it! This website supports paypal and credit card Paying for! The best store for People Who want to use paypal! 
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