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R5SDHC 3ds flashcard - new card for 3ds 9.2.0 system!

R5SDHC 3ds flashcard - new card for 3ds 9.2.0 system!

Excellent, we get news that another 3ds flashcard comes, it is r5sdhc card!! The r5sdhc 3ds card supports 3ds roms on both 3ds v9.2.0 and new 3ds 9.2.0 system. This brand new card comes from R5SDHC.COM and it seems like an upgraded version of the common R4 card. But it is all new with new featuresm just like sky3ds and k3ds released several days ago! Now you can find many 3ds flashcards on the market to support 3ds 9.2.0 system, I believe that there will be more 3ds cards brand come out!. The first one we saw will get the most attention and people always choose to trust this one? Do you have any idea? Whatever, let’s get to check the new R5sdhc card firstly and make your own judgement.
Firstly, let us check the official r5sdhc features, features are list here:
1.Support all 3D Games .
2.Support all Version/Region of 3DS console, including the New 3DS.
3.Support all system version up to latest v9.2.0-20 (update 2014-10-30)
4.Just plug and play, no more 2 card swapping operation.
5.No waiting for any firmware update against to system update.
6.Support multi-rom function.
7.10 games slot limited for a R5SDHC.
8.Compatible with Micro SD up to 64G.
9. eShop and playing game online supported
Now there is not so much news about r5sdhc 3ds card. Don’t move away from us, we will report news about r5sdhc at the first time! will be here! R5SDHC 3ds card is online now - You can check this card now! But official website don't mention when this card is going to be shipped! Focus on it!
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