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Sky3ds and k3ds, both of them can work with 3ds 9.2.0 system?

Sky3ds and k3ds, both of them can work with 3ds 9.2.0 system?

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Today, one piece of big news appear on Nintendo official website! Nintendo users begin to update their 3ds console to 9.2.0 system now! This is another system updating of 3ds console! This new system version is 9.2.0-20! No much improvement, just for improving system stability and enhancing user experience! With sky3ds and k3ds comes out, Nintendo begin to update their consoles! How about sky3ds and k3ds running on 3ds 9.2.0 console?

Another thing, if r4 card can work on 3ds 9.2.0 system? Yes, people have tested some cards, r4i gold 3ds, r4i sdhc 3ds, supercard dstwo, r4i sdhc dual-core and so on! All of them can work with the latest system 9.2.0 directly without any problem! This new system is only for enhancing user experience, seems no much updating. R4 card can work with the latest system also proves it!

For gateway users, we don’t get any information from gateway official, but I guess gateway 3ds team is working on a new launcher to make emunand 9.2.0 work!

Now sky3ds and k3ds comes out, they are two new 3ds cards, both of them can work  with 3ds 9.0.0 system to play 3ds games. And both of them have only one card!  They can work on any 3ds console: 3ds, 3ds xl, new 3ds, new 3ds xl!

Now Nintendo 3ds system updated to 9.2.0-20! Can sky3ds and k3ds work with the latest system? Yes, we get information from sky3ds official website: sky3ds can work with 3ds 9.2.0 system directly! I think k3ds card also can support it. But I didn’t see any information on k3ds official website!

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