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FAW-Volkswagen Sagitar belated new independent suspension

FAW-Volkswagen Sagitar belated new independent suspension

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Volkswagen New Super Proton suspended after a change in the market after fired too hot, followed by suspension with torsion beam structure also allows friends to car interest in sex. Today, on the 2014 models Sagitar models, coilover kits Volkswagen Group seemed to hear everyone's voice, independent suspension, paragraph 2014 Sagitar reassembled, the current 2014 models Sagitar has gradually begun 4S store sales, with independent rear suspension of the vehicle price not changed, but in a comfortable configuration is also maintained the original features have not upgraded, the following through our lens to find out.

2014 models Sagitar brings us good news, we know the independent suspension on the 2014 models to come. This is undoubtedly good news for ready to purchase new Jetta friends, 2014 after the facelift models Sagitar independent rear suspension on the price remains the status quo, in addition to changing the outside rear suspension 2014 models in the exterior, interior and nor is there any change in the power configuration, so the 2014 Jetta models real shot we start chassis suspension section begins to introduce you to.

After a lapse of two years after the 2014 models Sagitar brings us an excellent news from the 2014 models start Sagitar reassembled multi-link independent rear suspension. We learned in the static experience, overall hardness of the suspension or bias comfort, highly contrast with the body torsion beam rear suspension independent measurement of the new Jetta lower the ride height 2-3cm, which is the most intuitive performance . But for multi-link independent suspension, in our daily use of the most obvious difference is in the comfort of a certain upgrade, and for handling, we rarely have the opportunity to truly experience a city driving independent suspension highlights, but independent hanging return, I believe are ready to buy the new Jetta friend who is good news, we will needle in a subsequent section 2014 Sagitar independent suspension corresponding evaluation, 323ic Coilovers I hope you continue to focus.

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