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Germany Kelleners Sport BMW X5 push conversion kit

Germany Kelleners Sport BMW X5 push conversion kit

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  Recently, the German tuner Kelleners Sport BMW X5 launched a conversion kit, so this popular SUV models have a more domineering appearance at the same time, BMW Coilovers also has more power.

Kelleners Sport in preparation for the BMW X5 on the appearance of a wide-body surrounded kit makes it look more burly; new front surround with matte black grille, rear diffuser with a plus rear surround, making the whole car looks aggressive upgrade again. In addition, Kelleners Sport is also preparing a new sports exhaust system, alloy wheels and sports suspension kit, and reduces the ride height to improve handling performance.

  Enhance the power aspect, Kelleners Sport for the BMW X5 models almost the entire department: the first is equipped with a diesel engine BMW X5 xDrive30d, E46 Control arms after using the power upgrade module, the maximum power from 258 horsepower to 302 hp; gasoline models, BMW xDrive35i maximum power from 306 horsepower to 358 hp, while the most powerful xDrive50i models, the maximum power from 450 hp soared to 527 horsepower and peak torque of 761 Nm.


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