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"Little Cannon" A45 AMG modified

"Little Cannon" A45 AMG modified

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Recently, a German tuner called Vaeth's official release on the Mercedes-Benz A45 AMG modification cases. According to the company, Subaru Coilovers which will face substantial adjustment hatchback, including the installation of sport suspension kits reduce the ride height can be lowered 65 mm, so that more low-lying modified models, cool.

First, in terms of appearance, M3 Control arms Vaeth to A45 AMG aerodynamic package for the original foundation, on both sides of the front bumper spoiler adds winglets, plus 20-inch alloy wheels with 225/30 R20 tires, even without too novel modification techniques, but still allow A45 AMG seem overbearing after modification.

In addition, A45 AMG is also equipped with the modified set of bilateral co go out to the stainless steel sport exhaust system, customers can also modify adjustable shock absorber according to their needs, Z4 Control arms replacing the 19-inch alloy wheels. The model of this there is an upgrade hidden in the engine compartment, the modified engine of 65 hp increase, the maximum power of 425 horsepower. Meanwhile, the maximum speed which modified car has been increased to 280km / h.

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