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Multi-link suspension is an advantage

Multi-link suspension is an advantage

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Hippocampus Familia M5 uses McPherson independent front suspension and multi-link independent rear suspension combinations. coilover After which the multi-link suspension with trailing arm. M5 on the front and rear wheel arch protection made ​​more remarkable, are covered with plastic sheeting and coating on the chassis protection, spray a large area coating waterproof rust.

Familia M5 front suspension is independent MacPherson front suspension Johnson, forged steel front suspension lower arm of the material, the front suspension bearing cast iron materials. Hippocampus Familia M5 front suspension subframe is "H" type sub-frame; there are reinforced by stiffeners between the subframe and the body; the structure of the entire front suspension layout is more compact.

The front suspension lower arm and subframe are connected by hydraulic bushings; front suspension lower arm and bearing are connected by a rubber bushing. Benefits like the non-rigid connection bolts to be able to bring some ride comfort. Familia M5 rear suspension is a multi-link independent rear suspension structure, under the arm of forged steel is welded on the arm of cast iron, forged steel material for the vertical arm. After the suspension of cast iron bearing material.

The rear suspension subframe for the whole frame type sub-frame is rigidly connected by bolts, 323i Coilovers rods and subframe withstand greater impact among the rods between the bolt and the sub-frame is rigidly connected through the sub-frame and body .

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