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V60 exhaust system modification Motion



Volvo V60 R-Design version of the release, to the domestic wagon market has injected new blood, short straight 6 3.0T, single turbo twin-scroll design, original to the outbreak of the 305, 440 Nm of strong output. BMW Camber Plates With the fourth-generation Haldex four-wheel drive control system that is original to accelerate from 0 to 100 meters, 6.2 seconds results. For a station wagon weight 1.8 tons, this remarkable achievement. However, the owner is not satisfied for this result. Determined by a series of changes inside to outside.

HEICO V60 Volvo As mentioned modifications, must ultimately HEICO attended. As Queen modified Volvo brand, recognized by the original quality and the quality of the natural stand of Volvo personalized modified top of the pyramid.

HEICO always adhere to all products designed by themselves HEICO always adhere to all products from its own design, production model, E36 Control arms modified, final shape, mass production. From the beginning to the final to meet with consumers, we must ensure that the most stringent of the most stringent quality control, quality and taste has been HEICO goal. Interior had already R-Design version. But the owners or replace a large number of HEICO modified products. HEICO stalls, brake and accelerator pedals to rest, welcome pedal and steering wheel HEICO customized turn fur and so on.

Interior had already R-Design version. But the owners or replace a large number of HEICO modified products shorter springs reduce body movement, while increasing the aesthetics, more importantly, to improve certain control capabilities, and can maintain a certain sexually and comfort. The next step may be about to replace KW just to S60 / V60 V3 with Shock absorbers can be even lower ride height, with a straight roll rebound springs and adjustable compression software and hardware design, control improved significantly, respectively. 19-inch EVOLUTION 7 diamond cutting wheels, HEICO in 2012 is the latest product, a hub for BBS OEM quality natural Needless to say, the weight has been well controlled. With 245 / 35R19 size tires, 316 Control arms improved grip, so to enhance the horsepower to play more freely.

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