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Date de l'évènement A partir du samedi 11 Août 2012 à 00:00, jusqu'au samedi 11 Août 2012 à 00:00



"We are happy to announce that with the support of 55DSL there will be a nice and relaxed Flatland session on the brand new 1800 square meters asphalt area of the Mellowpark Berlin! So save the 11th of August. Under the idea of BMX/BEATS/BBQ we will have a nice and relaxed Flatland session with some best combo cash prices!
The Mellowpark builts a new skatepark and before they put the ramps on it we will have the chance to have a Jam with beats, bbq and cash prices for best combo.
It will be 1.800 qm brand new asphalt-so a lot of spaaaaaaace to ride!"
Matti Röse

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du 20 au 22 Mai 2011 à la Skatehalle de Berlin.

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