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Date de l'évènement A partir du mardi 23 Août 2011 à 00:00, jusqu'au mardi 23 Août 2011 à 00:00



Un contest sur 3 jours, avec expo (Arto Saari, Mark Oblow, Javier Mendizabal, Ryan Allan and Mathias Fennetaux), diffusion d'une vidéo Gravis avec le team international, contest sur un park spécialement dessiné pour l'occasion au KNS Theater. Du 23 au 25 Août 2011.


Press release

"These past four years the concrete street course at the Antwerp City Park has been host to the annual Antwerp Skate Contest. Yes, ASC is a skate contest like any other but it’s also so much more.  It has always been and will always be primarily a feel good summer gathering of those in the scene and those eager  to check it all out while enjoying the beats and having a beer!

Still, time flies and things evolve. ASC soon became known throughout Europe as one of the coolest summer skate gatherings. How else can you explain skaters Axel Cruysberghs, Phil Zwijsen, Neil Smith, Nassim Guamaz, Julien Merour, Ricardo Paterno, Josef Scott, only to name a few, are all part of the ASC family year after year while there’s so little hard cash to be earned? At the same time more and more spectators found their way to the city park and became our friends!

2011, Antwerp European Youth Capital, Analog and Gravis gave us the perfect excuse to take things further. Leaving the city park behind us wasn’t easy but the ability to design a custom built street course at one of the most legendary Antwerp skate spots, the KNS theatre, gave us the necessary boost to not look behind and make ASC2011 the best edition ever.
Gravis felt the vibe and made their move, they had the gorgeous idea of sending over their international pro’s to Antwerp to catch the vibe and shred the concrete. About a week prior to the contest a silver, shiny bird will touch down on Belgian soil bringing us goodness. 7days long, Dylan Rieder, Arto Saari, Sammy Winter, Jake Johnson, Steve Forstner, Javier Mendizabal, Domink Dietrich and Ben Nordberg will travel throughout Belgium in search of its reason to exist and ways to skate.
Thursday, 25th of August, after the contest’s finals, a short documentary, will be screened showing us the adventures of Dylan and friends in Belgium. Don’t miss out…there will be amazing skateboarding to be witnessed, music and free booze.
A little treat for our contestants also this year, there’s more hard cash to earn with a €5000 prize purse, Gravis team members will be judging the best trick contest and, last but not least, the best trick will be held on 3 different KNS spots amongst which the beastly stairs set which Rampaffairz will customize for the occasion!
More free booze & beats! Tuesday evening, 23rd of August, Gravis will open up a pop-up art exhibition, at the KNS Theatre Square,  showcasing photographic work from Arto Saari, Javier Mendizabal, Mark Oblow, Ryan Allan and Mathias Fennetaux ( The lads will be present at the opening night and will sign your deck, your shirt or your girlfriend’s tits, if you really insist.

In other words, ASC2011 is going to be so dope! Can’t wait till the 23rd of August, see you all there, please spread the word in your media, let’s have a ball & celebrate skate culture in all its beauty together with us!"

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