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Date de l'évènement A partir du vendredi 20 Mai 2011 à 00:00, jusqu'au vendredi 20 Mai 2011 à 00:00
Skate Clash 2011

Skate Clash 2011


Skate Clash 2011. du 20 au 22 Mai 2011 à la Skatehalle de Berlin. Park, bowl et vert.


Press Release

"CLASH 2011 presented by Relentless The Complete Package – Street, Bowl and now Vert is also back!
CLASH 2011 from May 20th - 22nd, presented by Relentless Energy Drinks, charges into its seventh year where Europe’s skateboard-elite reunites at Skatehalle Berlin. Thanks to the chilled atmosphere a couple of special guest skateboard stars from overseas will also make their way towards Berlin-Friedrichshain. After a four year break the vert-competition is also celebrating its comeback. Jürgen Horrwarth is giving Europe's largest ramp a few polishing touches. Lennie Burmeister is taking care of the street course and the bowl which are both being treated to a special facelift. In planning the CLASH-party, the crew at Skatehalle are driving home the remaining nails, and once they finish, the scene will be set a perfect CLASH weekend.


CLASH 2011 is held as an invitational competition with an overall price money of 12.500 Euros up for grabs.

The contest has a new format this year. Changes to the street comp should be good news for all real street skaters. Starting with the semi-finals, the “First Try or Die”-intro trick will have its premier. Thus, every skater gets the opportunity to “drop the hammer” pre- jam. This should also play into every gambler's hands, since the “First Try or Die”-intro trick will count twofold.

In the bowl contest, which is presented by Zimtstern this year, riders will commence starting in single runs and only the “Death and Glory”-final is held in jam-format; securing a thrilling finish.

The vert-comp also has a new format and is judged in three different categories: Taken into account are the best run, the best trick around the extension corner and the “Kings of Doubles”-score. This will guarantee an electrifying vibe and jaw-dropping excitement for the crowd.

The qualifications at the CLASH 2011 are omitted, since it’s only for invited skaters to battle it out. Invites for the CLASH 2011 are mailed to 75 starters in Street, 20 Bowl Riders and only ten selected Vert-Rippers.Not getting an invitation, however, will not necessarily deny you from entering the CLASH 2011: Preceding the event are numerous wild card session at Skatehalle’s Revaler Straße venue, which could be your key to the CLASH 2011.Whoever manages to gain a wild card will have qualified to compete alongside the “invited”. For the vert comp, the only two available wild cards are given out during a vert-session for Jürgen Horrwarth's colourway release by etnies shoes on Friday the 6th of May. For the street and bowl (acting as the unofficial kick-off to the CLASH 2011 weekend) the “Terror Session” is put in place on Friday the 20th. Here, those who dare, can acquire one of 15 wild cards in street, and straight after that, one out of ten bowl wild-cards.

Whoever walks away empty handed in the “clash” for wild cards, can still enter the open “Cash for Tricks” session on selected street course obstacles on Sunday afternoon for their personal claim to fame."



Practice 20:00-22:00h – Wildcard Session Street & Bowl


12:30h – Elimination Street

17:00h – Death or Glory Bowljam presented by Zimtstern

22:00h – Aftershowparty Cassiopeia


13:00h – Semi Final Street

15:00h – Relentless-Vertjam

16:30h – Final Street

17:30h – Cash 4 Tricks Street


2-Day Tickets 12,-EUR, / Red.8,-EUR Dayticket 8,- EUR / Red. 5,-EUR ADMISSION FEE Wildcardsession: 15,-EUR Street or Bowl / 20,-EUR Street and Bowl




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