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Le son du bas fond 2

Le son du bas fond 2

On a tous vibré sur le son des vidéos de skate. Dans ce focus, tous les titres sont classés par part et ils sont pour la plupart en écoute. On bosse et vous en profitez.


Part Artist Titre Album Label Ecoute
Opening Souls of Mischief Intro Trilogy : Conflict, climax, resolution Dub Records Red Urban Records
Venice Snafu Timeless Capsule Definitions / Momentum Records /
Kien Lieu Vito & Coco Shape shiftin' Instrumental Album Momentum/MYG /
Peter Smolik Wu Tang Live London Radio Station / / /
Sean Shoffey Wu Tang Clan Intro The W Sony /
Tom Penny Del The Funkee Homosapien BM's Both sides of the brain Red Urban Records
Margera/Vallely Mcel Citizen Angry America Angry America Buterface Records /
J. Sommers Del The Funkee Time is too expensive Both sides of the brain Red Urban Records
Harold Hunter Oldominium Harshest darknest One / /
Am Part Sewer whisky 4 u Sewer / /
Brandon Turner Vito & Coco Life goes on Instrumental Album Momentum/MYG /
MTV roadtrip MYG the messenger Sound Session 1 Gravis Records
Slam session Sewer Coming down Sewer / /
Eric Ellington Pinch blood Pinch Seven Records /
Henry Sanchez Oldominium Don't call the radio One / /
Daewon Song DJ Q-bert / / /

Thrasher 17 : Go For Broke

Part Artist Titre Album Label Ecoute
Opening The Richmond Sluts Sad City The Richmond Sluts Disaster Records /
Dan Drehobl GG Alin bored to death Banned in Boston Black and Blue/Halycon Recording Corp /
Baker kids Backside Dear God from me Ten million strong and growing El Pocho Loco Records /
Damian Smith Superchunk Why do you have to put a date on everything Foolish Merge Records /
Montage 2 Troublemakers Chez Roger boite funk Doubt and Conviction Guidance Recording
Jose Joro Wow & Flutter Nothing to say Guilty Pleasures Amplified Recordings /
Kristian Svitak The third degree Suicide Song / Concrete warriors livewire Records /
Credit Troublemakers Hum hum Doubt and Conviction Guidance Recording

Globe Opinion : To each his own

Part Artist Titre Album Label Ecoute
Opening Dubtribe Sound Systeme Memory part 1 / Dub Records /
Mike Peterson Engine Down Retread To bury within the sound Lovitt Records
Matt Mumford Iggy Pop Gimme Danger Nude and Rude Virgin
Chad Fernandez White Zombie Thunder kiss '65 Most Pit Madness Geffen Records
Chet Thomas DJ Krush feat ASA Escapee Kakusei Columbia
Jayme Fortune Steve Wynn Smash myself to bits Here comes the miracles Down Three Records
Ryan Kenreich Cut Chemist vs Shortkut Live at the future primitive sound / Concrete warriors livewire Records
Renton Millar & Ben Pappas The Dropkick Murphys Amazing Grace The gang's all here Epitaph
Danny Gonzales Joe Strummer (ex-Clash) Bhindie Bhagee Global a go-go Epitaph /
Gershon Mosley Aceyalone I think I know too much / Meanstreet Records *
Rodney Mullen Zoe Angel Sweet home Alabama / Universal /
Closing The Album Leaf In between lines One day I'll be on time Tiger Style Records

* signifie qu'il s'agit d'un autre extrait du même artiste.
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